Bigger, Better Muscles, No Weights Required $0.00
Bigger, Better Muscles, No Weights Required

Bigger, Better Muscles, No Weights Required


Think you have to hit the weight room to make muscle? Think again. Research shows the same elastic bands physical therapists use in injury rehab work just as well as machines or free weight at improving strength and muscle size. In fact, double up the band and you can even get a high-intensity, strength-building workout.

Scientists once believed you needed to train to failure—or complete fatigue—to stimulate muscle growth. They now know that’s not the case. Using products similar to the TheraBand CLX creates the same hormonal response as doing a similar program on weight machines, according to a recent study in Journal of Exercise Physiology. This immediate effect triggers the long-term gains found in several other studies.

So, pick up your CLX and start building a better body today. Try the Knee Extension below. As you get stronger, try placing both ends of the band around your leg.

  1. Attach your CLX securely to your CLX Door Anchor. Make sure your attachment is at knee level.
  2. Place your leg inside the easy grip loop, making sure you keep the CLX above the back of your knee.
  3. Standing in a semi-staggered stance slowly bend your kneed forward and straighten your knee back to starting position. The resistance of the CLX should be harder when you straighten your knee.
  4. Hold briefly and return to starting position and repeat.
  5. To increase the resistance and intensity, place the Easy Grip Loop at the other end of the CLX around your knee, too.

*Do not exceed 300% elongation. Some exercises may require longer lengths of CLX.
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